Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Seven Links

Recently, Farmer Kim tagged me for the 7 links.  This was kind of difficult to choose but here goes:

The most beautiful post: Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies.  Out of all my saved pictures, this one stands out.  I guess it is the bright green.
According to my stats, the most popular:Black Casino Cake

It was hard choosing the most controversial, but I fell it was Shrimp Po'Boys.  It was the first of my posts that went to top 9 and I felt there were better posts out there that should have won.
 For the most successful, it would have to be Bourbon Butter Pecan Ice Cream because I am still getting hits on this long after posting.
 The post that did not get the attention it deserved was easy because I had a lot of posts prior to Food Buzz and my blog was private:Avocado Egg Rolls
The post that I am most proud of is one that I had contemplated for a long time and really hunted down the right ingredients: Pink Squirrel Cheesecake
The most helpful one is the Chocolate Parthenons because I ventured out and attempted to use phyllo pastry and it turned out.  Therefore I feel it may have encouraged people to try this pastry.                
Now for the people that I have tagged.  I have tried to pull out some of the foodies that have been posting for longer than I have, so here goes.  Also, note that I have not inquired with any of these people to see if they are interested in participating.  I do hope that they participate, but understand if they do not. 

                                                 Amy-Vanilla Girl/Fragrant Vanilla Cake                           
              Maya-Foodiva's Kitchen
              Rosa-Rosa's Yummy Yums 
           Lori-Little Kitchen on the Prairie 

This was a fun little exercise but did take some thinking on my part.  I hope you found something interesting or inspiring her.  Thanks again Farmer Kim for tagging me!