Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Gratitude

Just a little post here to say how much I appreciate my blogger friends. In the short while I have been blogging publicly, I have come across some amazing talents as well as personalities.

All of the bloggers represent a great group of giving people. From hosting charity events to advising of nutritional benefits, the food bloggers are reaching out in several ways.  Also, I cannot forget the big hand that is always there to lift the spirit of someone or assist a newbie in their struggle to get started.

In addition, I wanted to say a special thanks to the following bloggers that have reached out to me recently:

Sonali-has recently awarded me the Liebster as well as the Versatile blogger award.  She is the host of  the blog Only Fish Recipes ,  Just the name alone tells you what this woman specializes in!  She does have a way with seafood, so pop on in and say hello.  I am sure you will find something delicious.

Starr-has recently awarded me the Versatile Blogger award.  She is the host of the blog This Misfit Baker which does have a wonderful array of tasty recipes. Her site is vegan recipes, but I found some gems on her site and I have no dietary restrictions.  I recently ran across her Cinnamon Latte Squares-yum! Drop by her blog, it will be an enjoyable visit!

Carsley- this blogger is booming with enthusiasm and her blog offers you a wonderful trip to the Caymans with detailed posts of all the festivals and activities there, not to mention her wonderful dining experiences!  The name of her blog is The Deep Dish.  I was lucky enough to win a contest on her blog and received a delicious array of baked goodies from the Islands.  I have eaten some, but they are segregated for special days, so I can savor the tropical treats for days to come!

I hope that this post makes you three feel the big hug from me, thanks again.