Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainmakers and Bloggers

I think it is pretty cool how food bloggers have such a giving nature.  It is a very large community, but they do have a tendency to reach out and give you that "personal touch".  That is something that can really make your day.  I have recently been honored by a handful of sweet bloggers that have passed along awards to me.  You might say they are raining down. While I have received awards in the past, each and every one is a special honor to me.  I would like to thank those people in this post.

I received the Versatile Blogger award from:

Kayle at The Cooking Actress
Recently cast in a movie called "You Can't kill Stephen King"  this blogger does find time outside her career to bring us some of her talent from the kitchen.  A few examples of them I found are Four Layer Cookie bars and Butter Baked Chicken.   One hour in her kitchen would definitely be a great place to learn and enjoy some awesome food.

Kristina at Whipped Baking
While she has only been blogging since November 2011, she has been making life sweeter for a lot of bloggers.  She does have a few savory posts out there, but she mostly likes to bake.  Between the Snickerdoodle cupcakes and graham cracker snack cake-she does know how to put a sweet ending to a meal.

Connie at The Smitten Foodie
This blogger is a cook at a residential/summer camp, so she knows her way around a kitchen.  Her blog just started in Nov of 2011, but it does showcase her talent for savory as well as sweet creations quite well.  One winner I landed on when looking in her archives was Braised Short Ribs with Blue Cheese Polenta.

Sofie at The German Foodie has graciously awarded me the Liebster award.  This blogger is really baking up a storm of delicious German food at her blog.  How delicious you wonder? Well considering she has signs that say "don't eat" in her kitchen, that tells you all you need to know.  You will find everything from pastry/ bread tutorials to English Pub food to get your mouth watering.

Kim at A Little Lunch recently passed along the Sunshine Award to me.  Kim's writing does have a way of making you feel like you have known her for a long time.  She does have some awesome photography of not just food platings but nature as well.  Her blog post titles really do pull you in.  A few of my favorites are " A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Life's too Short not to eat Breakfast."

If you have read through this and are lucky enough to have dropped by their blog, then you are already in the circle of enjoyment.  However, to the ones that have not had the pleasure, I encourage you to drop by and say hello.

Thanks again sweet friends and enjoy the rest of your weekend!