Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goodies, Gadgets and Thanks

First of all, I wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful foodies in the blog community that buzzed those gingerbread latte cupcakes up to top 9!  I have always felt that you guys are the only ones that really understand all the trials and tribulations that go into a single post.  Yes, we would all like to crank out quality food posts with only 1 hour of total commitment time, but we are each operating at different levels of skills, so the level of effort varies.  However, I recognize that every foodies post is a creation done out of passion and commitment.  Glad I am in this special circle with all of you!

Well, Friday was a pretty fun day.  The best part was going to a few specialty markets and, next to that, I had a package waiting for me when I got back.  The above picture shows a few of the things that arrived by mail.  The fluted edged cookie cutters I have been wanting for a long time as well as the square cutters.  These will definitely come in handy!

Aside from that, below are just a few things of the things I got at the market:
After reading about how the above mix is used by several ski resorts, I could not pass this up-yum!
These little chips I never ever see at the regular grocers....between the flavor and the color, I definitely have a lot of ideas on how to make use of these chips running around in my head...
It may be cold outside, but tropical flavors are hardly forgotten about.  I have been wanting to bake and cook with this ingredient for awhile, so I was very happy to find this.

I probably will not get out to these particular markets for a few months, so I think these will serve me well in the meantime!  I am sure all foodies have something they want in the way of kitchen gadgets or specialty ingredients that lingers in the back of their mind prodding them to go out and buy it already!  So it is time to go to that special market and get those little green Matcha teddy bears or whatever you have been pondering over for so long.

Please note that I have not received any funds for blogging about the products shown in this post.